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                Company Profile

                    Zaozhuang Huarun Paper co.,Ltd, which wholly built by Hong Kong World Wise Holdings Limited in October 1998, is a large foreign invested enterprise that mainly produces gypsum board paper and uncoated duplex board with grey back.
                    Huarun Paper is the professional gypsum board paper producer base in Asia, large producer of uncoated duplex board with grey back in north China. Presently, it owns fixed assets of RMB2.1 billion and more than 1200 employees, covers an area of 670 acres and with the annual output of top grade gypsum board paper and uncoated duplex board of 500 thousand tons.
                    We have the self-supporting construction of thermal power plant and sewage treatment plant and acquired certification of the international quality, environment management system and measurement assurance. The registered trademark is China Well Known Trademark and our production won the title of Shandong Famous Brand and also assessed China High-Quality Products and Recommended Products to the EU Market by the French Technology Quality Supervision and Evaluation Committee.
                    We have established a close supplier-customer relationship with the world-class large plasterboard enterprise of French Saint-Gobain, Australia Boral and German Knanf. Our products are not only popular in china but also exported to Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, UAE, India and other countries and regions.
                    Huarun Paper is a main unit in drafting China National Standard, which has been honored as National Torch Program Projects, National "AAA" Standardization of Good Corporate Behavior Enterprise, Shandong High-tech Enterprise, Shandong outstanding Energy Conservation Enterprise, Shandong Outstanding Environment Protection Enterprise, Shandong Outstanding Management Innovation Enterprise.  
                    To enhance the enterprise comprehensive competitiveness and expand the scale of production, the 600 thousand tons paper making program has been allowed by Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee. In the second half of 2014, we will build a 300 thousand tons top-grade gypsum board paper program. In 2017, we will build the engineering construction of another 300 thousand tons paper making program. At that time, the total capacity will reach to 1.2 million tons, sales income over RMB4 billion, which will make Huarun among the top Chinese papermaking enterprises, and continue to lead the development of Chinese high-grade plasterboard paper industry.
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